Using adverse event management to improve communications and improve care with QA Reader


StoneBridge and TIS were going through a year-end review of incidents throughout their 14 communities. The review process lead to an understanding that early communications of incidents would result in better outcomes and significantly reduce the risk of liability related to those incidents. 

Download this case study to discover:

  • How QA Reader helped this facility reduce incidents
  • How QA Reader reduced manual effort 
  • Why QA Reader provides timely notifications of incidents
  • How QA Reader improves consistency for incident tracking and management of facilities
  • How QA Reader can improve reporting accuracy and consistency
  • QA Reader's ability to review incident trends and analysis
  • How QA Reader improves data reports
  • How QA Reader can help improve overall care in your facility

“QA Reader does not just provide data, it helps with educational improvement which leads to better quality care.”

Cheryl Cooper, MSW, LNHA is the Director of Quality Outcomes and Education