It's time for you to see how QA Reader can help

See how QA Reader helps Long Term Care providers track, manage and mitigate adverse events.

Sign up for a personalized walk through of the QA Reader software and experience first-hand how we can identify and analyze your areas of highest risk, including incident type, shift and hour of day. If you or your staff are struggling with keeping an up-to-date incident log, tracking frequent fallers, generating QA reports or creating useful analysis of events from the company-wide level to the unit level it's time to see how QA Reader can solve all of these problems and more.

During the demo we will show you how QA Reader:

  • Reduces nurses' paperwork activity
  • Shows incident trends so you can mitigate risks
  • Generates Compliance reports in a QA Privileged environment
  • Provides consistent and actionable data across facilities
  • Compiles empirical data that you can show your referral networks
  • Integrates valuable expert risk management assessments based on your community's data

Experience QA Reader

Here are the most common quotes from our 30-minute demos: 

  • "QA Reader sounds like a no-brainer"
  • "How soon can we be up and running?"
  • "So, you maintain our incident log for us? Nice!"
  • "I just spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to generate a report you just did in one minute." 
  • "I need my Administrator to see this."
  • "I want to show this to my DON."