Prevent incidents and improve ROI with QA Reader


Prior to QA Reader, Lakeside’s Director of Nursing, Gloria, was tracking adverse events manually on paper and in spreadsheets. That took a great deal of manual effort and did not produce reporting and analysis in a useful manner. Gloria wanted to automate the process and get better reporting tools to help the facility with better analysis. Also, they wanted risk manager advice as part of the process which they were not getting before. 

Download this case study to discover:

  • How QA Reader reduced incidents
  • How QA Reader reduces manual effort
  • Why QA Reader improves reporting
  • When using QA Reader, how you can regularly access a leading risk management team
  • QA Reader's ability to review incident trends and analysis
  • How you can achieve granular reporting on adverse events
  • How QA Reader reduces staff time on administrative issues

“What else could we ask for? This was a great decision for us.”

Gloria Bray, Director of Nursing